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Rising yarn prices, falling employment opportunities, declining wage rates, shrinking markets and idling looms, Indian weavers have nobody to take up cudgels on their behalf. Confluence is a registered body under Indian Trust Act 1882. Confluence offer a fascinating model which combines compassion and artistic acumen to scale solutions that are needed now more than ever. The mission and vision of Confluence is to organize these Handloom weavers into clusters and make them competitive by providing support for their long term sustainability.

Confluence aims at sustained employment, to enhance marketability of products of such clusters,to equip traditional artisans of the associated clusters with the improved skills, to make provision for common facilities and improved tools and equipments for artisans,to strengthen the cluster with the active participation of the stakeholders. To build up innovated and traditional skills, improved technologies, advanced processes, market intelligence and create awareness about new models of public-private partnerships.

Working Towards the Cause


Confluence is working towards the unsung gentry of weavers. To become the voice of the voiceless and create a periphery for the gentry to take the plunge in the mainstream market. Decades of poorly-implemented protection policies and the growth of power loom imitations has led to the slow downfall of the handloom sector. The richness of the symbolic value of handloom is evident in the metaphors evoked. Weavers who do not own looms and work in sheds organised by the master weavers are missing even on basic amenities. Handloom weaving is spread across many states in the country and is in considerable decline in some of them. And Confluence is working towards their upliftment.

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